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In a time  where such an emphasis and effort  has been intentionally aimed at our children to dishonor authority, national pride and even omitting history. There is an agenda to sway the mind of your child to a particular narrative.


Your child deserves to know the true history of our great nation that is inclusive of  EVERY ethnic contribution. Out of many one people. One nation under God was wrought by the hand of the Almighty working through men that put their lives on the line that we may live a peaceable and free life.


It was the combined sacrifices of the First Nation People group, freed slaves , Latinos as well as our Anglo brothers that fought for our freedom.  The future destiny of our nation lies within the perspectives and national view points that each child conceives in the  foundational years of their growth and understanding.


When each people group of America learns to embrace the diversity of this land and realize that what unites us is our love for America, our heritage and our homeland that God has shown his grace.


Dr. Patricia Bailey has gone far beyond literary and historical accuracy, she has brought to life an untold story of true patriots of color that played a very vital and significant role in us obtaining our freedom. Because of their willingness to pay such a price, we can now live in a land that is free.


 There were slaves and First Nation people that fought when they were often not respected. They did not allow their mistreatment to ruin their character; which is why we stand as one unique nation today.  We are a nation that has stood in need of repentance, forgiveness and justice.  We are a nation flawed by our past; yet graced by Almighty God to be thrust into a limitless future as we stand united. In the book, Patriots Of Color, are heroes of our nation that must be honored acknowledge.

Patriots Of Color: The Story Of Our Unsung Heros

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