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DOZA Inc. is a Global Organization that partners with other Organizations that foster Uplifting the Global Communities of the World. Our Mission is to offer and operate in Leadership and Entrepreneurship Training, Ministerial and Humanitarian projects that Teach and Build strong Principles and Forward thinking initiatives. We believe that when you invest in people and show them how to Enhance on what they have already in Natural Resources that the Outcomes can only be Successful and Beneficial for Everyone involved. Our goals are to Build relationships in locations such as Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria and other areas of the Global spectrum. DOZA Inc. currently has Teams in Kenya, Uganda and Nigeria ready to move forward with our Mission and Assignments. We Welcome partners and collaborations with those other Organizations willing to lock arms in a similar manner. DOZA Inc. Executive Teams Janice L. Parks, United States Executive Director and Founder Contact Information US Whatsapp: 1-919-980-3049 Ms. Millicent Otieno, Director, Kenya, Acting Treasurer Ms. Joy Mbuvi, Ministerial Director/Secretary, Kenya Ms. Isabella Williams, Director, Lagos, Nigeria Mr. Emmanuel Godwin Trade and Marketing, Abuja,Nigeria Apostle Busingye Elijah Blessing, Director, Uganda

DOZA-Daughters of Zion Arise Inc. DOZA Inc. will always Support and Promote Initiatives that give Hope to the Hopeless like the organization below.

DOZA Daughters Of Zion Arise Inc.

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