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Join date: May 1, 2020


I attended Global Leadership Training Center (GLTC) in 2014. I remained with Master's Touch Ministries (MTM) as an intern for 2 more years. I had the blessed privilege to learn at the feet of Dr. Pat, Auntie Pam, Mama Tee and Dr. McDaniel about sustainable missions ministries. I entered with auntie Val and learned the ins and outs of creating a successful mission trip. I have been truly blessed by that experience and continue to serve my Abba through the work Patricia Bailey Ministries is doing to enlarge the Kingdom. Looking forward to the next mission trip to Kenya! ✨🇰🇪✨ I give all the glory to YHVH and His Son Yahusha Ha'Mashiach through the power of the Ruach Ha'Qodesh! Amein and amein!! ✨🙌✨

Yvonni ✨👑✨

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