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Life is Gods gift to us , what we do with that life is our gift back to God. We were born to be a blessing. We were created to be empowered so that we can empower others. There is a circle of life; what we make happen for others, God will make happen for us. Life’s design is based on a universal truth that originates from God. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Love your neighbor as yourself. When we give to the least of them, we have given to God. Your greatest potential still awaits you. Your best life ever is upon you and as you embark upon the journey of living to give and make a better life for others, you will discover you have made life better for yourself.  These empowerment tools are designed to shift your thinking,  transform your perspectives and catapult you to live your best life ever. Remember,  life is  your creators gift to you and what you do with that life to empower humanity, is your gift back to God. Simply put , when we bless others we bless Him. Get ready to be elevated and living a higher life. Each series will equip you to reach higher , dream bigger and go the extra mile. It’s time to start a new journey . Here’s how ...

The first step in living a life

On Purpose

Life Decisions


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LIFE DECISIONS is just ONE of many teachings in the series 2020 Vision

This entire series contains the steps you will need to have 2020 Vision in your life. Making sober LIFE DECISIONS is just one of the major stepping stones you will need. This entire series also covers: 

  • Havng a Mindset Of Increase

  • How to use Your God Given Imagination

  • Living In The Right Tense

  • Replacing Old Thoughts (Parts 1-2)

  • Thanksgiving Improves Health

  • Thanksgiving Stabilizes The Mind

  • Thanksgivng and Health: The Power Twins

  • The Law of Association

  • The Righteous Mindset

  • Vizualize Your Future

  • Warfare Strategies