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Our Eco village in South Africa will teach the children from very marginalized townships, how to turn trash into cash snd waste into wealth 

They’ve grown up in an atmosphere of waste and  with your support we will transform their mindsets to turn the waste places into a garden of Eden. They will learn the majestic character of the creator through recycling.

Taking rubber tires and making furniture and plastic bottles into a product line. This  initiative will provide job creation and a concept of entrepreneurship.

The village will house our orphaned boys and girls.  Empowerment Vocational Institute will provoke and challenge students to become the future environmental and economic solution to South Africa .

The village will be equipped with a health clinic , farming garden, a recycling center, solar energy eco toilets and a product distribution center.  The Eco Village is where we believe that the future is NOW!!!

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The Eco Village 

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