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Our Current Missions

July 2022 Jamaica

This July we are doing something very strategic and exciting for Jamaica for Jesus, 2022. We are endeavoring to sponsor 60 young, emerging leaders. Our goal is to develop, equip, and deploy them into their destinies by providing them with a scholarship to this year's Jamaica for Jesus. We are determined to change the statistics which reflect that African Americans make up less than 1% of missionary participants on the field. Most inner city churches and churches of diversity have very few people of color with youth missions and/or foreign youth outreaches. 

Jamaica for Jesus presents a youth missions experiment that is customized for your emerging leaders. Young leaders from around the country come together to be sharpened in an intense one week experience. The mission consists of visiting and serving at Teen Pregnancy Centers, Boys and Girls Group Homes, Construction Projects, Evangelistic Youth Rallies, all while being accomodated and experiencing relaxation at an All-Inclusive Resort.


Jamaica for Jesus is a spiritual experience that young leaders will never forget. It literally will unlock their prophetic destiny for life. We can't wait to see your young leader there. It will be one of the greatest investments made in your spiritual life.


Jamaica for Jesus 2022...see you there!

Sponsor A Youth For

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Life Thru Water®

Our goal is to give sustained attention to the less fortunate. (Ps. 41:1) How can we, who have the solution, withhold in this very simple necessity of life called WATER? (Matt 25:35) In the co-mission of basic living principles, we will give food to the hungry and water to those who thirst. We believe we can reach at least 25 countries, 10 of which are in the 10/40 window and throughout Africa. 


Join the Movement! Purchase your Borehole T-Shirt Today to support #100Boreholes project around the world. Partner with us as we provide water to communities in need.


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