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Global Leadership Training Center is an intensified accelerated leadership training program designed to teach a holistic approach to development. This training targets the global crisis of this age coupled with global strategies to position nationals to obtain sustainability. This effort is achieved by equipping nationals through initiatives such as clean water projects, alternative power, renewable energy, food security, public health, education, literacy, developing sustainable communities and so much more. 


Each student will be equipped to impact nations while gaining a biblical worldview simultaneously. There is a very urgent need for global leaders to take their strategic place. This is a time of equipping to empower nations and to fulfill the great mandate that through us all the families of the earth will be empowered to prosper. GLTC is the global leadership training that you've been waiting on.


The four pillars of GLTC are Apostolic Impartation, Required Reading, Accelerated Learning, and Practical Application. Each category of development training is coupled with hands-on initiatives in the nations. GLTC has graduated students in over 100 countries around the world. GLTC diplomats serving on the foreign field will network and collaborate with online students, which provides both participants the rich experience of achieving global initiatives that better the community. While also creating jobs, global trade, healthcare, and Eco-Villages that secure sustainability. There is a distinct clarion call for global leaders to rise up and the time is now. GLTC is waiting to unlock the potential of the world-class leader within you. 

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