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South Africa

Eco village is an eco friendly community that consist of an crèche, (daycare), boys home, girls home, widow's house and a church. The Eco village also has a community development  arm that consist of 29 new tiny houses. The Eco Village has a community center where we empower emerging leaders with skill sets to equip them for sustainability. The village promotes not only an eco friendly awareness, but instillls into the community a sense of pride for their surroundings by taking the trash and converting it to cash and waste to wealth.  

The goal of The Eco Village is to transform what was once a waste place into a garden of hope. Dr. Bailey hosts teams from abroad that come to assist with the developmental efforts of the The Eco Village.

Our community center feeds and distributed essential goods and hold life skill classes for the community. The village  WILL SOON also facilitates a feeding program through the Eco Village Kitchen and the community garden. PLEASE COME AND BE A PART OF OUR ECO VILLAGE KITCHEN BUILING PROJECT.

The dining hall will serve for the community center, girls and boys home and widows house UPON COMPLETION.

The crèche will provide  a cutting edge curriculum for the young soon to be emerging leaders.  Our crèche also has a science lab   and a  character  development based curriculum that helps to promote integral leadership.

The Eco Village also has a community development arm that consist of 29 new tiny houses. Families that have been victims of disaster such as fire or recipients that were homeless have now become home owners through our “Tiny house projects”. 

The Vision House is a home where children can come and be inspired to dream. Twice a year the children will experience a visionary weekend encounter. This opulent atmosphere which will challenge the child to believe that they matter. The increased self value of each child is our ultimate goal; also to create within them a vision to dream. When your daily visions are images of scarcity and lack, a child can begin to believe that there is no path to success for them. The Vision House is nestled in a quiet, secluded and quaint gated community that serves as a temporary home for our missionaries who come to volunteer and assist with the development efforts of The Eco Village. This is who we are and this is what we do...its all about giving back.

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