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My 3 Step


For Living a

Life On

Be More

Leadership Series

How you develop your abilities and capacity is the deciding factor between achieving the tangible manifestation or living a life that has succumbed to mediocrity. 

This Be More series on Leadership will unlock access to a portal that will allow you to:
• Increase Your Leadership Capacity
• Develop Your Leadership Influence
• Incorporate Simple Daily Disciplines and
• Apply Life Applications For Next Level Leadership

The power of leadership is within your reach!
Go Higher…Reach Further…Dig Deeper…BE MORE! 

The Source

Being connected to The Source is a vital part of living a life on Purpose. This series will help you to sharpen your senses to the pulse of God. Fine tuning your life and the atmosphere around you is an important step towards a clear connection with the Spirit of God. 

Women Risktakers

Dr. Patricia Bailey wants women to overcome all obstacles, real or imagined, and step boldly into all God has for them. Using examples of great women of the Bible - Rahab, Esther, Hagar, Hannah, Abigail, Debra, and many others - she shows that the common denominator for accomplishing something great was simply the willingness to be a risktaker for God.

Time to make a LIFE INVESTMENT! Purchase all 3 of the series for only $70.00

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